Vintage Designs is founded on the principle of good old classic design, the kind that can be pulled out of a dusty box in twenty years and still look timeless.

We produce custom and unique wedding stationery founded on time-honoured traditional design. When the recipient opens their envelope, we visualise smiles and excitement. We want your guests to feel special to be invited to your wedding day.

My name is Andrew Bradley, the designer and creator of Vintage Designs.  I work from my home in the county of Devon with my trusty partner in crime Alfie the Labrador.  I studied design and photography at university and my passion is in the detail, which I apply to almost all of the things in my life. With a love of old typography and illustration, my vision is to revive old principles, detailing and styles, combining them with modern standards for the best of both worlds.

We can customise any of my designs including colours, text, layout changes, even creating and adding maps from scratch. I can meet almost any of your requirements. And if you like my design style, but have your own vision, we can create something just for you.

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