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1st June- The first day of Summer and Wedding Season is soon in full swing.

Summer themed wedding stationery can set the tone for your day well in advance of the big event. Colours, design motifs or seasonal flora and fauna. Hottest colours for Summer 2016 are either muted or bold. Choose the muted tones of Hydrangea design to complement natural tones in your wedding. Or go bold, a design […]


Why the Table Plan Matters!

They may just be the two most dreaded words in wedding planning…. Table. Plan. Or seating plan. Or, lets be honest, anything to do with having to organise a large group of people into a coherent formulation.   Although you will be sitting next to your soul mate and newly confirmed partner in life, it […]


Spring Weddings: Our Top Tips

Spring represents new life, new beginnings, and new love. So, when better to have your wedding than in this beautiful season? Spring Weddings are something that we really love. Here are a few tips on how your wedding, particularly your wedding stationery and invitations, can reflect the beauty of this time of year! FLOWERS: Spring […]


How we work with customers

Here at Vintage Designs Wedding Stationery, we are all about making peoples’ lives easier. We offer free samples of our wedding stationery on our website If someone has specific questions or requirements for their wedding invitations they can call Andrew and discuss their ideas, or we can do it all via email, whichever they […]


The Importance of the Wedding Invitation

The first way that your friends and family will come to know about your wedding is from your invitation. An invitation represents so much more than a piece of paper with a time and date on it. It is an announcement of your happiness, love, and promise to one another. Because of this, here at […]


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