Spring represents new life, new beginnings, and new love. So, when better to have your wedding than in this beautiful season? Spring Weddings are something that we really love. Here are a few tips on how your wedding, particularly your wedding stationery and invitations, can reflect the beauty of this time of year!


Spring weddings are popular because nature is at it’s most beautiful at this time of year. April showers accompanied with the emergence of sunshine bring out the nations favourite flowers such as daffodils, tulips and bluebells.

Therefore, if you have a lower budget and are planning a small and low key wedding, you can pick your own flowers for your bouquet and table arrangements, and be sure that they will still be stunning and also super cheap.


As spring represents all things new, the excitement of seeing nature creating and blossoming around you may inspire you to get creative with your wedding favours yourself.

  • Why don’t you take inspiration from the natural world and give out prettily packaged plant seeds and bulbs to your guests.
  • Or how about small linen bags packed full of bird seeds?
  • Another special idea is to contact your local honey farm and ask whether small jars of local honey can be packaged for your guests to take home with them.


Of course, here at Vintage Designs our speciality lies with wedding stationery and wedding invitation designs. And Spring time is every designers dream season!

We have a range of beautiful and authentic styles that take their inspiration from the blossoming of nature and the fresh, new and exciting mood of the season. Take a look at our Garden Flourish Wedding Stationery, which has a bright palate made up of pinks, purples and greens. For something a little more subtle and dainty, check out our Wild Hedgerow Wedding Stationery which has a lighter palate of greens and yellows, with splashes of blue and red.

Garden Flourish Spring Weddings Invitaiton

Garden flourish is a celebration of fresh, floral beauty. It features hand painted watercolour illustrations and stylish crafted font. This a stunning design that is both on trend and timeless.

We hope that you can find something perfect for the tone of your wedding among Vintage Designs’ range of wedding stationery and wedding invitation designs!

If you’d like to order some samples, simply fill out a sample form here!

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