They may just be the two most dreaded words in wedding planning…. Table. Plan. Or seating plan. Or, lets be honest, anything to do with having to organise a large group of people into a coherent formulation.


Although you will be sitting next to your soul mate and newly confirmed partner in life, it is almost impossible to please everyone else when you’re doing a table plan. The teenagers are going to be annoyed if they’re put on the kid’s table, trying to remember all the drama between old university friends is virtually impossible, and there is always that one relative who has a few too many glasses of champagne at the reception and is bound to embarrass themselves.


Here at Vintage Designs we were wondering how we could help make seating plans a little less stressful, and a lot more fun for you. And we think we might have achieved the impossible…


We have a range of gorgeous personalised seating plan designs in many of the themes and designs of our invitations. Whether you’re going for a floral and colourful wedding, or aiming for an understated and elegant feel, we have a range of designs to suit any occasion.


Verity green personalised table plan


And what’s more, we believe that your guests will love the intricate details and beautiful design patterns so much, that they won’t even mind who they are sitting next to!


Your wedding is a chance for you to bring together all of your loved ones, under one roof, and share your most special of days with them. So of course you will want them to all love each other as well! This is the beauty and the importance of a seating plan. It allows the people you love to meet one another in celebration!


Verity green personalised table plan


So make it extra special with a personally designed and beautifully detailed seating plan from Vintage Designs.

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