The Importance of the Wedding Invitation

November 13, 2015

The first way that your friends and family will come to know about your wedding is from your invitation. An invitation represents so much more than a piece of paper with a time and date on it. It is an announcement of your happiness, love, and promise to one another. Because of this, here at Vintage Designs we believe that invitations hold a huge amount of importance, and we aim for this to be reflected in our unique and beautiful designs.


Apart from its sentimental value, the wedding invitation also sets the tone for your wedding. We design a variety of different styles to suit your taste, and they range from fun and relaxed to traditional and detailed.


Our wedding invitations are all unique; we can change the font, colour and layout to make your invitation perfect for you. You wedding day should reflect you as a couple, your personalities and interests, and what better way to show your guests this than with your invitation. For instance, our movie ticket stationary would be great for people interested in cinema or who wanted to convey to their guests that their wedding would be a fabulous party. On the other hand, our Title Page wedding stationary would perfectly set the tone for a traditional and elegant wedding day. This would also help your guests to know what kind of dress code would be appropriate, and can therefore help in making your wedding visually perfect.


An invitation of any kind has the main function of conveying information about an event to its guests. But who says this can’t be in a beautiful and artistic way! We want your guests to feel the happiness and excitement that you do in the months running up to your special day, and an exquisitely designed wedding invitation is the perfect way of reflecting this.

A main aim of ours at Vintage Designs is to create timeless wedding stationary, which when looked at in years to come will remind you and your loved ones of a wonderful day of celebration. We hope that our invitations are kept along with photographs and other personal belongings that hold sentimental value. We hope that you agree that a wedding invitation is far more than a piece of paper, and instead can be a kept as a treasured possession.

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